A landing page acts for a specific business purpose, which can be bringing more user registration, increasing the number of downloads of an app or selling a certain service, for example. It's all about an experience for conversion: creating a structured flow so the user know everything they need in order to want to push the call-to-action button.

During this project, I will work on a new landing page for N26Bank, a blockchain powered digital bank focused on financial inclusion. The aim of the page is to show the services offered by the bank in order to bring more clients.

3 bi is the forecasted number of a global users that will have access to retail banking services through smartphones, tablets, PCs, and smartwatches by 2021

Digital banking Users to reach nearly 3 billion by 2021, Voicendata, 2017 in Deloitte Luxembourg Digital banking Benchmark.

2020 Pandemia increased Digital Services use

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed our reality a lot and imposed social distance. As a result, many people resorted to banks' digital platforms and applications to resolve day-to-day issues.

Several traditional private banks in the country have also seen an increase in the opening of digital internet accounts. The fact is that this new scenario brought important changes and shortened the digitalisation process of these financial institutions by a few years.

We have already highlighted above: most banks already had digital services, but their account holders were still beginning to use them and become familiar with this type of technology, especially accessing the account via smartphone. Source: decodehub

Bank investments with technology grow 48% in 2019 and total budget reaches R$ 24.6 billion